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Hackerspace TAKT Praha

Please refer to our new WIKI available here


We are a newly established hackerspace located at Jeseniova 212. We tend to create a place for creative people, that are interested in electronics, art, and SW.


Our goal is to provide a supportive platform, where we can help you to transform your idea into a real thing.
Also we want to spread knowledge about modern technologies, electronics, and art via various workshops and lectures.
→More info can be found in the Events section.

You can visit ongoing projects at the projects section on our wiki.


Every Friday - start at ~19:00
If you want to visit us, you can try to call +420 228 229 326 (or +420 771 112 974) and see if is anybody inside.



TCTB - TAKT capture the badge - ESP32 home automation board with game for conferences
MEES - MQTT enabled environmental sensor
GR8G8 - TAKT NFC access system
PEWT - Pretty epic wheel thingy
Radio Lab - SDR, HAM Radio, amateur radio
Network Lab - switches, hardware, UTP cables, data, servers, UNIX, network focus
Kindle hacking - exploring Kindle PW5, HW, SW
Sreality crawler - small sreality crawler


CRTA - Wireless realtime audio
DCAM - Digitally controlled audio mixer
UCEK - User configurable ergonomic keyboard


Stylocard - USB MIDI stylocard made for Maker Faire Prague
TNAS - TAKT NFC access system (replaced by GR8G8)
STK8BA58 I2C Lib - STK8BA58 and STK8321 accelerometer Arduino library


PC - Servers & networking
2/3D - 3D printers & engraver & laser
HW & electro - Electronics, PCBs
Workshop - Mechanical machining
Music room - Musical instruments & equpment