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(Cableless realtime transmission for audio)

Wireless realtime audio

This project should lead to the development of a wireless realtime audio transmission unit.


At least 16bit audio at 44100Hz
Latency under 5ms
Battery operation for more than 5hr
Configurable input type
The range over 20 meters at the plain field
Channel selection to allow receiving from multiple devices

Possible solutions:

Transciever SR1010

transcever SR1010
It could be difficult to get samples because it was introduced a few months ago.

Rejected solutions:

TI CC8520

Latency less than 20 ms - may be unusable

TI CC1312

48MHz ARM Cortex M4F with 868MHz transmitter Data transfer - 1 Mbps (although the data sheet specifies data output up to 4 Mbps)