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Hackerspace TAKT Praha


We are a newly established hackerspace located at Jeseniova 212. We tend to create a place for creative people, that are interested in electronics, art, and SW.


Our goal is to provide a supportive platform, where we can help you to transform your idea into a real thing.
Also we want to spread knowledge about modern technologies, electronics, and art via various workshops and lectures.
→More info can be found in the Events section.

We want to have 1-2 bigger projects per year and allow everybody who is interested to participate.
→Each project usually needs more than one person to develop it, so it doesn't matter what is your field of interest, we'll be pleased if you help us!

You can visit ongoing projects at the projects section on our wiki.


Every odd Friday - start at ~19:00
If you want to visit us, you can try to call +420 228 229 326 and see if is anybody inside.



CRTA - Wireless realtime audio
TSFM - TAKT system for managing food
TNAS - TAKT NFC access system


DCAM - Digitally controlled audio mixer
UCEK - User configurable ergonomic keyboard


PC - Servers & networking
2/3D - 3D printers & engraver & laser
HW & electro - Electronics, PCBs
Music room - Musical instruments & equpment