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Hackerspace TAKT Praha


We are a newly established hackerspace located at Jeseniova 212. We tend to create a place for creative people, that are interested in electronics, art, and SW.
Our goal is to have a supportive platform, where we will help you to transform your idea into a product, that we will help you sell it.
We want to have 1-2 projects per year and allow everybody who is interested to participate.
You can visit ongoing projects at the projects section on our wiki.



Every odd Friday - start at ~19:00
If you want to visit us, you can try to call +420228229326 and see if is anybody inside.



CRTA - Wireless realtime audio
TSMF - TAKT system for managing food


DCAM - Digitally controlled audio mixer
UCEK - User configurable ergonomic keyboard


PC - Servers & networking
2/3D - 3D printers & engraver & laser
HW & electro - Electronics, PCBs
Music room - Musical instruments & equpment