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(MQTT enabled environmental sensor)


MEES is a unit created to monitor air quality in our underground hackerspace.
It can measure relative humidity, temperature, (T)VOC, and eCO2.
It will be installed nearby 3D plastic and resin printers, so we can start ventilation when air quality decreases.

Used parts:

SGP40 - VOC sensor
CSS811 - TVOC and eCO2 sensor
SI7021 - relative humidity and temperature sensor
MR44V100AMAZAATL - I2C FRAM for data logging M24M01-RMN6P - I2C EEPROM for calibration data storage
ESP8285 - main CPU with WiFi

Current progress:

Desing board - DONE
Order board - DONE
Assembly and test - DONE
Develop SW
Integrate with ventilation


Add pull-up resistor to GPIO2
Add clearance on sides of antenna
Find another USB to UART converter, because Silicon Labs chips are unavailable