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 =======MEES======= =======MEES=======
 (MQTT enabled environmental sensor) (MQTT enabled environmental sensor)
 =====About===== =====About=====
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 CSS811 - TVOC and eCO2 sensor\\ CSS811 - TVOC and eCO2 sensor\\
 SI7021 - relative humidity and temperature sensor\\ SI7021 - relative humidity and temperature sensor\\
-ESP8285 - main CPU with WiFi+<del>MR44V100AMAZAATL - I2C FRAM for data logging</del> \\ 
 + M24M01-RMN6P - I2C EEPROM for calibration data storage\\ 
 +ESP8285 - main CPU with WiFi\\
 ===Current progress:=== ===Current progress:===
 Desing board - DONE\\ Desing board - DONE\\
 Order board - DONE\\ Order board - DONE\\
-Assembly and test\\+Assembly and test - DONE\\
 Develop SW\\ Develop SW\\
 Integrate with ventilation\\ Integrate with ventilation\\
 +===TODO for REV. B===
 +Add pull-up resistor to GPIO2\\
 +Add clearance on sides of antenna/use chip antenna\\
 +Find another <del>USB to UART converter</del> chips, because <del>Silicon Labs</del> chips are unavailable\\
 +Find another temperature and humidity sensor\\
 +Enlarge board & add better thermal isolation between CPU, gas sensors, and temperature sensor\\
 + -> maybe a mezzanine board?\\
 +--> currently this isn't an issue when the fan is unregulated\\
 +Add mounting holes\\
 +Add 4R7+1uF RC element to VDD of SGP40 and CCS811 sensor\\
 +Add UART on board for particle sensors (HPMA115C0-XXX, SPS30...)\\
 +Add RF blocking inductor to VDDPA of ESP8285\\
 +Add RGB LED for indication\\